Slant bed turn mill lathe is known as turn/mill lathe, is capable of both rotating-workpiece operations (turning) and rotating-tool operations such as milling and cross-drilling. The Gang tools are mounted on a long work table that can hold a large number of tools.
4+4 live head with 8 live tools for axial turn/mill and radial turn/mill. And has extra long 700 mm X-axis travel, large processing space. Use Japan FANUC system, support X/Z/Y axis united machining, support milling flat /drilling/tapping/engraving/turning, etc., 
Lathe body uses high quality integral cast iron, slanting degree 30, anti-bending, anti-torsion, high rigidity, High cutting capacity, and high-cost performance
  • Modelo SC-46YP Torno de fresado CNC